Monday, May 27, 2013

Travel Tips for the Ultra Chic
From Our Travel Diva, Ava
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Adventure travel ... in style!

To all the Tortoisettes out there, this one's for you!

Naturally you want to look your fabulous self during your ultimate road trip so we're spilling our secrets to help you look like the glamorous road warrior you are. Here are some helpful tips on staying beautiful and comfortable on you next adventure.

Dry Shampoo: This is amazing stuff and you just need a tiny bit to sprinkle at the roots. Forget heavy shampoo/conditioner bottles, they will only weigh you down. If you're on a longer trip, consider trial size packets for one time use mid-trip to revitalize those gorgeous locks as well.

"Yes to Cucumbers": Makeup removing and cleansing towelettes. These are refreshing and you will smell and feel delicious!

Scented dryer sheets: If you need to use clothing more than once (which you should be, we are camping after all!), pack your clothing with some dryer sheets in between to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Roll them up with them after uses. Dry, static hair? No problem - just swipe with one of these and calm those locks down!

Cotton knit sundress: is a good staple for your travel wardrobe, especially if your trip offers you a city stop and a night out on the town.

A hat: Maybe even two. Keep the sun off your face with a big floppy sunhat; the ones that you can crush without consequence. Also great for bad hair days.

Sea salt deodorant: Awesome and natural! Works on everything..underarms, stinky shoes, fabric, etc. Unfortunately it does nothing for those corny driver jokes, ha!

Carry minimal makeup: Allow your skin to go Au Natural. Maybe a little tinted moisturizer with an SPF. And don't forget your regular sunscreen which is a must!

Burt's Bees lip Shimmer: Fantastic to add a little color and moisture for those pouty lips.

A Cotton pashmina: Mine has a million uses ... Sunbathing wrap, shoulder coverup for those sunny hikes or an extra layer around the neck for those chilly campfire nights.

With these tips you're sure to be a smash on the trail, in a hot springs or by the campfire. Guys - all you need to do is bring chocolate ... Bars of chocolate to share with the ladies for some instant friends!

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