Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shorter Days + Cooler Weather = SAD

Shorter Days + Cooler Weather = SAD
Tips on how to beat the winter blues!
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Autumn is upon us and that means shorter days, cooler weather and less opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Although there are positive benefits to longer nights, for many people the shortened amount of daylight causes a mood change known as Seasonal Affective Disorder -- or more simply, The Winter Blues.

These seasonal blues are temporary and will lift when the days get longer in the spring, but you don't have to wait it out. Here are a few natural ways to beat back that "down in the dumps" feeling:

Get thee to a lower latitude. Take a break from winter where the days are longer and warmer.

Spend time socializing with friends. Laughter is the best medicine!

Increase your activity level. Activity can stimulate your brain to release natural anti-depressants.

Cut the junk and eat your veggies. A healthy diet can help regulate brain chemicals.

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