Monday, March 18, 2013

Ten Things to Bring on an Adventure Vacation

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Preparing Death Valley!
Spring is here and with it comes dreams of warm weather, the promise of summer, and travel to new and exciting places. Preparing for a journey can be daunting at times, so here's a handy list of some items that you may not have planned to take, but probably should.
  1. Loop wallet/Money belt – Need we say more about this? Keep your valuables secure at all times with this hidden pouch.
  2. Pillow case – Pillows are bulky and can take up a lot of space, but you can bring the case and then fashion a pillow out of clothes. Or, use it to add an additional layer on a questionable offering in your not-so-luxury accommodations.
  3. Notebook/pens – Sure you think you'll always remember the details of your trip, but this handy item will guarantee you'll still have the name of that sweetie you met in D.C and are planning to reunite with in San Francisco.
  4. Day pack – For those times when you want more than what's in your wallet.
  5. Sleeping bag liner – If you've ever been to a hostel besides the Green Tortoise, this needs no explanation.
  6. Novel – be it electronic or print, this will help on those long flights when you end up sitting next to someone not particularly interesting.
  7. Flashlight/Headlamp – You're snuggled up, ready to snooze and suddenly remember you've forgotten something in your luggage. No worries, you wont be fumbling around in the dark when you have this along.
  8. Sewing Kit – Repair a hole in your trousers, the loose button on your favorite shirt, or a rip in your day pack, this kit might just save you more one than it costs! Be sure to include safety pins and a larger needle for bigger jobs.
  9. Floss – Not just for your teeth, the super-strong fibers can be used to tied things together or used with a needle for a quick, heavy-duty repair.
  10. First aid kit – Treat minor wounds on the spot, blast a hangover headache, or solve an indigestion dilemma without ruining your day. Antibacterial cream, painkillers, bandages, antiseptic and indigestion remedies are among the important items in your kit.
Ready for an adventure, but not quite sure where to go?  Check out some destination ideas at Green Tortoise Adventure Travel, or call 415 956-7500 and we'll be happy to help plan your next holiday!


  1. and how about baby wipes...small plastic bottle of can refill. kleenex,for hayfever. extra pair of glasses.and a pareo...they are good for men ane women,you can wrap yourself in it, in many ways...doesnt take up much room,and used for so many other things,to lay on the ground, to wrap around your head..and for quick get up and being dressed to go to the bathroom, or whatever..and not have to fish for clothes...your dressed.

  2. Of course, these items are IN ADDITION to the necessities that you are already taking. We've excluded the obvious and have listed the things you may not have on your packing list.