Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ten best tips for healthy travel

Seana’s Healthy Travel tips

Follow these 10 handy tips to stay healthy while traveling —you’ll feel better and will have more energy to enjoy your holiday!  

by Seana Treavor

Snack Smartly
Bring healthy snacks and avoid the junk. String cheese, fruit, nuts/seeds, veggies and guacamole are all easy to eat and nutritious.  

Take your water bottles with you and refill them often. Avoid sodas which pack unnecessary sugar and can actually be dehydrating.

Move frequently (at least a few times a day) and change your seat position. Do some easy stretches for hip flexors, lower back and neck/shoulders. Don’t pass up on those hikes, either!

Slather on the sunscreen (SPF 30+) at regular intervals to keep skin safe. Wear high quality sunglasses that are rated for UVA, UVB and HEV light. Polarized lenses help cut out glare, also.

Bring sneakers and portables like resistance bands or a yoga mat and load your device with workouts for on-the-go fitness. 

Get comfy and layer loose, light clothing to avoid chafing and to be prepared for a variety of temperatures.  

Compression socks aren’t just for elite athletes — they’re perfect for travel, and help prevent achy or swollen lower legs.

Eat (mostly) clean
It’s always tempting to indulge when traveling; moderation and portion control is key when yielding to tempting delights.

You’ll be more present and will enjoy your time more if you’re rested and fresh for your activities.  Take advantage of the rolling motion of the bus and catch a few naps to supplement your night rest.  

Having a schedule is a great way to keep your trip organized, but when the timing doesn’t work out, stay flexible and steer clear of the added stress that can come with focusing too much on your trip goals.  Enjoy the journey!

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