Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fit for Travel

Enjoy a Healthier Adventure!

For many people maintaining a steady weight while traveling is difficult -- location changes, sleep pattern disruptions, climate variations, and tempting foods can all help pack on pound after pound during a vacation.

Taking off a week from working out wont break the scale, but any longer than that may allow those dastardly fat cells to set up camp on that flat belly. Here are a few tips to keep you healthier on your vacation and help you avoid bringing back an unwanted souvenir.
  1. Rest. Your days can be packed with non-stop excitement, but leave plenty of time to get in 8 hours a night. You'll have energy the next day to experience even more fun!
  2. Limit alcohol. Not only are alcoholic beverages packed with calories, but studies show that chemical changes happen in your body that will increase the size of your gut.
  3. Water. Water will help you to feel full and might help you eat less. It also has no calories (unlike sugary sodas and "hydration" drinks).
  4. Ditch the "All You Can Eat" syndrome. Avoid piling your plate to the sky with food and grubbing down quickly so you can pack in a second helping. Instead think "All You Should Eat" and go easy on the serving sizes.
  5. Stay active. During long drives, do crunches, squats, push-ups or isometric exercises (contracting your muscles without moving). Make it a point to walk, hike or swim daily or as often as possible.

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