Saturday, January 22, 2011

Traveling on a budget in Baja California, Mexico

Foodie on the Road says "Try the Comida Corrida in Loreto!"

Once again it's the season for Baja travel, eating, and enjoying life with friends and family! There's no better way to explore local Mexican traditions than a comedor (restaurant or eatery) that offers comida corrida -- a small meal of several courses. Generally the menu varies from day to day and there are usually only three or four choices.

Our pick in Loreto, Baja Sur Mexico is La Vina, near the center of town on Colegio. The food is always fresh and lively and is prepared with a homemade style by Senor Angel. The portions are generous and at 50 pesos per meal (about 4.50 USD). You'll leave feeling full without emptying your wallet!

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