Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foodie on the Road - The Trail to Copper Canyon

Experiencing Copper Canyon just wouldn't be complete without trying some of the local fare along the way. Freshly grilled beef, handmade gorditas, fantastic seafood, or other regional delights await at nearly every turn in the road. Of course the sampling tends to increase your calorie consumption (and therefore the waistline!) so you'll want to participate in some hikes or activities to burn off your last meal, and rev up the ol' appetite for more!

Here's a few of our favorites in the "budget" category:

La Paz - Drop by Baja Kettle corn on the Malecon at Ave Alvarado Obregon for some salty sweet goodness to snack on while in the train. In the mood for seafood? stroll down to Dos Mares (the shrimp cocktails are as big as your head!)

Divisadero - pick a food stall and try the gorditas - golden fried pockets filled with mashed potatoes - add meat if you like, there's always a variety of grilled, stewed and seasoned local meats to choose from.

Creel - Veronicas on Lopez Mateo serves up a slammin' veggie soup - or ask for the comida corrida (plate of the day) and let the chefs decide for you!

Loreto - order the "molcajete" and treat yourself to tender grilled steak strips, nopales, avocado and cheese - it comes with a side of tortillas and is enough for two!

Enjoy the trip and Buen Provencho!
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